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White Fillings in Ruislip, London

If you need an expert white fillings treatment at affordable prices then our friendly, modern Ruislip clinic can help.

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Improve your smile with natural looking white fillings

Teeth can now be restored with a white filling that can match the natural colour of your smile. Tooth cavities are normally be filled with amalgam or metal-based fillings. They are well known for their strength and durability however, they can be very unsightly when smiling and laughing.

Tooth decay is a very common dental problem that will affect most people at some point in their lives. Silver fillings have been used for many years as they last a long time and protect the tooth from deteriorating further. Many people have silver fillings and can now have them changed with new tooth coloured filling to help improve their appearance when they smile.

Benefits of tooth coloured fillings

White fillings are now just as durable as mercury based fillings. They consist of a harden resin made from plastic-based material. They can also be colour matched to the natural shade of the decayed tooth. Once your cavity has been filled and shaped, your new white filling will virtually be undetectable.

White fillings can instantly improve your smile and at Ruislip Dental Care we offer our patients new white fillings to treat new cavities as well as the opportunity to replace existing silver fillings.

At Ruislip Dental Care we will always assess the condition of teeth carefully before discussing the most suitable treatment option for you. We want to maintain your oral health as well as help you bring back the confidence to your smile. Tooth coloured fillings can certainly help to achieve this.

For further information about White Fillings at Ruislip Dental Care or to book an appointment please call 01895 633 765 or email
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