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Expert Dentures in Ruislip

If you need a top quality denture treatment at affordable prices then our modern clinic in Ruislip can help.

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From missing teeth to a happy smile

Modern dentures offer a sophisticated and effective solution to replace missing teeth. Fitting comfortably in your mouth and performing just like your own teeth, dentures can give you a great confidence boost and stunning smile.

Losing teeth as you age is not uncommon but we understand it can cause distress. There are several dental solutions to the problem of missing teeth including dentures, dental bridges and dental implants.

What are the benefits of having dentures?

Dentures offer a budget-friendly option for full or partial teeth replacement. They are particularly appropriate if you have a larger number of missing teeth, or when the use of bridges or implants is not recommended. Dentures also offer a non-invasive solution if you have a weak jaw or gums.

Partial or full dentures?

If you are only missing a proportion of your teeth, partial dentures, which are clipped onto existing healthy teeth, might be the right solution for you. If you have a whole set of teeth missing on either jaw, your dentist may recommend complete dentures. These are comfortably supported by a plate in your upper jaw or by your gums on your lower jaw.

All modern dentures can be colour matched to your natural teeth and gums.

Regain lost confidence

Dentures offer impressive stability for talking and eating but because they are a removable solution and less secure than dental implants, they may intermittently loosen or slip out of place. A dental adhesive can often help hold your dentures more securely in position. Ask your dentist for more information.

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