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Dental bridges in Ruislip

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The advantages of dental bridges

If you have missing teeth, dental bridges can give you back your smile.

The advantages of dental bridges include:

  • Day to day comfort when eating or talking
  • Restored confidence in your smile
  • A renewed and natural face shape
  • Secure teeth with evenly distributed bite forces

Fixed dental bridges

Fixed dental bridges comprise a single crown or multiple crowns (also known as pontiffs) made from porcelain and metal or ceramic materials. These crowns are set in a supporting framework, which holds the dental bridge in place by securing it to adjacent healthy teeth or dental implants (also known as abutments).

Traditional bridges and cantilever bridges are the two types of available fixed dental bridges.

Traditional dental bridges

A traditional dental bridge is supported on either side by healthy teeth. Depending on your aesthetic requirements, your dental bridge can be created from porcelain attached to metal or from ceramic materials.

Cantilever dental bridges

Cantilever dental bridges are attached to a single tooth. This type of bridge is sometimes required when only one suitable supporting tooth is available.

Dental bridge treatment

You will usually require two appointments to fit a dental bridge. During your first visit, your dentist will gently re-contour the abutments or supporting teeth to prepare them to receive a bridge. Impressions will then be taken of your teeth. A dental technician will use these impressions to create your bespoke dental bridge to suit the shape of your mouth and supporting teeth. Whilst you wait for your dental bridge to be made, your dentist will protect your prepared teeth with a temporary bridge or dental crowns, which you will keep until your next visit.

Once your dental bridge has been carefully prepared, we will call you to your second appointment. You new bespoke bridge will then replace the temporary one. Once your dentist has adjusted, checked and fitted the new bridge, it will be cemented into place onto your supporting teeth.

Maryland bonded bridges

At Ruislip Dental Care we can fit Maryland bonded bridges. These are also known as adhesive bridges or sticky bridges, and are made from a metal or porcelain framework that can be fixed to the back of supporting teeth. A Maryland bonded bridge may not be as durable as a fixed bridge.

For more information about Dental Bridges at Ruislip Dental Care or to book an appointment please call 01895 633 765 or email
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